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Client Services

At PS Recruitment Services Ltd we are passionate about our ability to build strong relationships with Clients to gain a full understanding of your business, your culture and your recruitment needs. We will work with you, offering a personal bespoke service that is individual to your company to successfully match the right talent, including personality, skill set and experience to add the right balance and drive your business forward.

We don’t specialise in any specific sector, industry or role.  We are happy to work with you on a wide range of positions across many industries. With our broad range of various industry experience within the team, we can support your requirements.

We do this by offering the following services:

Dedicated ConsultantYou will receive a dedicated experienced Account Manager who will be your first point of contact. We will also introduce a second contact within the office that is fully aware of your account and details of all recruitment.

AdvertiseWe use various methods of advertising to attract the right candidates including our own Website, Job Boards, Local Press, Social Media and other ad hoc sector related avenues.

Pre-ScreeningWe pre-screen all candidates with full background employment checks. All candidates will be interviewed via either a full telephone interview, Skype video interview or face to face.

TestingWe offer the option of pre-screen testing for candidates related to the job role they are applying for.

ShortlistingWe will send a shortlist of candidates to you who have been pre-screened and fit the criteria for the role.

Interview, Feedback and Offer ManagementWe will manage the whole process of communication between you and the candidate and support you throughout.

Follow UpTo ensure a smooth transition into your organisation, the working relationship will be maintained by follow up contact.